live online courses for k12

live online courses for k12

Math, English-Language Arts, and Science

Math, English-Language Arts, and Science

Convenient to attend from home

Convenient to attend from home

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Shivark Virtual Academy

Shivark Virtual Academy is an online academy providing supplement education to K12 students in the US. We provide LIVE online courses on Math, English Language Arts, and Science subjects following Common Core curriculum standards. 

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Online Classes

  • LIVE online classes convenient to attend from home

  • Quality teaching by credentialed teachers

  • Highly engaging and interactive learning environment

  • Common Core curriculum by leading publishers in the US

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Student Experience

Our students enjoy LIVE discussions with teachers and collaboration with peers in small group breakout sessions for an engaging learning experience 

Credentialed Teachers 

Our faculty consists of experienced and credentialed teachers in the US. With separate teacher for each subject, we are able to provide high quality education to our students 

Digital Curriculum

We partner with leading publishers in the US for a challenging and  interactive digital curriculum aligned to the  Common Core  standards



We find that Shivark Virtual Academy is providing a high quality teaching to our kids with the help of digital technology, digital curriculum, and credentialed teachers. We are happy to see our kids learning actively from the convenience of our home.

 Testimonials & Reviews



We have been stressed with the quality of education for our kids during these challenging times with COVID-19. We are extremely satisfied with LIVE online courses at Shivark Virtual Academy. The classes are highly interactive and engaging. Our kids simply love it, and we are happy to make this choice



It's like a private school education delivered online, at an affordable price. Great teachers, great curriculum, and simple to attend online classes. My kids love the peer interactions in the online classroom.

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 Shivark Virtual Academy